The Camellia Inn, so named after the 50 or so varieties of camellias on property, is a short three-block walk from Healdsburg’s main square. As I approached...  read more

Downtown Healdsburg, a quaint hamlet built around a picturesque plaza dotted with redwood trees and fountains, isn’t very large. But it’s bursting at the seams with acclaimed restaurants...  read more

For centuries, it has been tradition in Spain and Mexico that a town be built around a central plaza, or zócalo. Even today, the older communities of California and the Southwest demonstrate that tradition. After all, as late as the 1840s they were Hispanic enclaves. Yet nowhere...  read more

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Healdsburg in Sonoma County is home to outstanding vineyards, bakeries, wine tasting rooms, cafes and restaurants. Spend a weekend exploring everything that the town...  read more


Healdsburg, a small town with big-city acumen, is a charming respite in northern Sonoma County, with great food, superb wine, memorable vintage architecture, boutiques, and lovely hotels...  read more

Brothers Chef Dustin Valette and Aaron Garzini cook and greet guests at this high-end, chic restaurant, which has a reputation for beautifully constructed, artistic food plates and minimalist decor...  read more

When we spoke to Dustin Valette, chef and co-owner of Healdsburg restaurant Valette, he was sitting on his front porch with his infant daughter in his arms, looking out on downtown Healdsburg...  read more

The month of July is a very celebratory one in my house, three birthdays: my wife’s, our first daughter Charlotte’s, and this year we are expecting the birth of our newest daughter...  read more

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Healdsburg has come a long way since its agricultural days drawing star chefs, vintners and restauranteurs from around the globe. Located about 90 minutes from Walnut Creek, the tiny Sonoma Valley town sits at the crux of three world-class wine growing regions...  read more

Robert Louis Stevenson has said “Wine is bottled poetry.” But after a unique, wine-centric dinner last night at Healdsburg’s Valette, I think this quote is more apt: “Wine is bottled passion”...  read more

Chef Dustin Valette’s place is cozy and interesting. Definitely go with the charcuterie and, if it’s on the menu, the Day Boat Scallops en Croûte to start...  read more

Everyone has their favorite local getaway for escaping the city, and for Out There, it's Healdsburg, CA.  In bygone years a sleepy little Sonoma hamlet set around a charming town square, it's now a resort destination chock-full of gourmet eateries...  read more

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Former Dry Creek Kitchen talent Dustin Valette is rocking the food world in this former Zin restaurant space, bringing in crowds for his contemporary Cal-global cooking...  read more

Valette opened just this year by brother duo Aaron Garzini and Dustin Valette, is already one of Wine Enthusiast’s top 100 wine restaurants in the United States...  read more

Valette is two talented brothers creating quintessential California cuisine, local, organic, and all. The restaurant has won wide acclaim for its dishes, which include Olive Oil Poached Local Halibut and a Roasted Eggplant Caviar Tart...  read more

When chef Dustin Valette jumped ship at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen—on the ground floor of Hotel Healdsburg—hearts sank. Now, the hottest dinner reservation in town is on the other side of the square, at the spot he owns with his brother, Aaron Garzini...  read more

A-listers flock to this new temple to Wine Country haute cuisine (without the attitude). Charlie Palmer protege Dustin Valette grabs the spotlight with dishes that have more unexpected twists and turns than an Alfred Hitchcock movie...  read more

With its concrete walls, beautiful light fixtures, comfortable leather banquettes, and a lovely outdoor patio, Valette Healdsburg is delightfully rustic...  read more

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Poetry on the Map Sonoma County... at Valette, I have a remarkable dinner. Open only nine weeks when I eat there, it’s already one of the hottest spots...  read more

Healdsburg is such a culinary gem, you could throw a dart at a downtown map to choose a bistro -- and chances are, you'd be perfectly happy...  read more

Chef Dustin Valette honed his craft in some of the most celebrated restaurants including Michelin-starred Aqua in San Francisco, Napa Valley’s Bouchon, and Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Kitchen...  read more

It’s said that cooking is an art, and it is, in certain ways, much like painting, at least in the hands of Dustin Valette at his namesake restaurant in Healdsburg...  read more

'Trust me,' said Chef Dustin Valette as we took out seats in his new eponymous Healdsburg restaurant. Our waiter cleared away the menus we’d not yet had a chance to peruse, and asked if we had any...  read more

Chef Dustin Valette, formerly of Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen, opened his first restaurant, Valette, in March. Dustin and his brother, Aaron, who handles the front-of-the-house business...  read more

Dustin Valette, the chef/owner, and his brother, Aaron Garzini, fulfilled a dream in March, opening an inventive, hyper-local restaurant in their hometown that showcases local farmers, winemakers and...  read more

Dustin Valette began his culinary career at 13 at Catelli’s in Geyserville. Two years later he took an apprenticeship at Chateau Souverain under Martin Courtman. Now, 20 years...  read more

Chef Dustin Valette, formerly of Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen, opened his first restaurant, Valette, in March. Dustin and his brother, Aaron, who handles the front-of-the-house business, purchased the former...  read more

Anniversary last night and we decided to celebrate at Valette in Healdsburg. It has received a lot of good press and based on our dinner last night, deservedly so. We had decided earlier to get the tasting menu and...  read more

Not all that long ago, Healdsburg was known as a sleepy little town just a short drive north of Napa Valley. These days, it's brimming with Michelin-starred restaurants boasting hyper-local fare, as well as...  read more

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Valette is the hottest new restaurant on the Healdsburg dining scene. Chef Dustin Valette is a local talent and just last month he opened his namesake restaurant with his brother Aaron Garzini after working at...  read more

Brother and sister Joe and Catherine Bartolomei can’t seem to stop tinkering with the Farmhouse Inn, their cozily luxurious inn in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. A few years ago, they opened the...  read more

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Owning a restaurant is often more about an unrequited desire than a business decision. Valette, the new restaurant that took over the space of Zin in Healdsburg, is the dream come true for the owners...  read more...

His namesake restaurant, Valette, has been open just nine weeks, but on a Saturday night in bustling Healdsburg, every table is full and the orders are coming fast and furious. From the open kitchen...  read more...

Chef Dustin Valette came into the public spotlight about six years ago, when he was named executive chef with Charlie Palmer at Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg. But his history...  read more...

Dustin Valette began his culinary career at 13 at Catelli’s in Geyserville. Two years later he took an apprenticeship at Chateau Souverain under Martin Courtman. Now, 20 years later...  read more...

The plans are coming together for the new restaurant from chef Dustin Valette, who is leaving Dry Creek Kitchen in Hotel Healdsburg after New Year’s Eve service to open...  read more...

Just off the press: Chef Dustin Valette’s new Wine Country project officially has a name: Valette. This ain’t about ego, however. We’re wiping a tiny tear from our eyes after Dustin explained that the building...  read more...

Just off the press, Chef Dustin Valette’s new Healdsburg restaurant project officially has a name: Valette. This ain’t about ego, however. We’re wiping a tiny tear from our eyes...  read more...

New details on Dry Creek Kitchen chef Dustin Valette’s yet-unnamed restaurant in Healdsburg. Turns out it’s a bro-fest, as Valette is partnering with his brother, Aaron Garzini, a front-of-house vet who...  read more...

Dustin’s Passion Project: New details on Dustin Valette’s yet-unnamed restaurant in Healdsburg. Partnering with the former Dry Creek Kitchen chef will be his brother Aaron Garzini...  read more...

Just in: Restaurateurs Jeff and Susan Mall of the longtime Healdsburg restaurant Zin are closing. The restaurant recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and has won countless awards...  read more...

While Healdsburg is mourning the news that Zin Restaurant is closing at the end of the year, there’s good news to look forward to: hometown hero chef Dustin Valette is...  read more...